The Aces programme is performance coaching for players who are identified as showing potential to be high club, county players or higher.

Players are put into specific groups within the club which are by invite only and are run by our Performance Coaches James Harding and Zeferino Antonio. Within these group which push players and attempt to provide them with the necessary skills to achieve their full potential within tennis. All groups include athletic skills development/fitness which is extremely important for the children’s development. Week 1 of each new term is ‘Goal setting’ which we then evaluate on the first week of the next term and then set new goals.

In addition to the group Coaching, it is ideal for players to also have an individual lesson with one of our coaches. These can be booked by contacting James who can help select the right coach for your child.

To develop the children’s tennis they will also need to be playing regular matches and tournament play


What players are selected to be part of the ‘Caunton Aces Performance Tennis’

We selected players who we identify as possessing the skills required or potential to become a good club level player, county player or higher.

Things we are looking for:

  1. Athletic skills

  2. Good hand-eye coordination

  3. Good focus and concentration

  4. Resilience

  5. A good attitude

  6. A will to win

  7. Emotional control

  8. A great attitude to learning

  9. Love the sport

We will be looking for these attributes in players and although these will be developing all the time we are looking for children who we believe have some of these fundamentals which are crucial to tennis development.

The Coaches

                            James Harding                     Zeferino Antonio

  • Our son Oliver, has been part of the Caunton Aces programme for a few years and has developed massively in all areas of his game. He is incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to train in a highly competitive yet balanced and friendly environment. He is encouraged and challenged in every lesson, playing against other top level players across all ages. Oliver has thrived and been inspired at the club, competing at least two or three times a month in county and regional competitions, obtaining results that reward his hard work and the hard work of the team at Caunton Aces. He gained early entry to the County team, as have many of their players. We would and have thoroughly recommended the club and the Aces team, knowing that they are the reason Oliver is so committed and happy in his tennis. It’s wonderful to see as a parent that he has become a calm, motivated and confident person which has already given him many life skills.

  • Aces has accelerated Mollie's technique, match play awareness and confidence in a short space of time. It is impressive to see how far she has come in just a few months. The training is well structured to target areas that will take the childrens' tennis ability to the next level. Playing with high potential children creates a naturally competitive environment where they are keen to learn and progress. Some of the areas that have developed significantly include:- Problem Solving - Mollie is placed in more situations where she has to figure out for herself how to respond and then assess whether that was the right decision, and then ask herself why. Serving- the increased match play and focus on the first shot, means this has developed quickly and continues to get better. Mollie is now more confident at coming forward, and her net play is so much improved. The confidence the group and coaches give her means she is willing to tackle anything, and play anyone, which really boosts her mental strength as well as technical ability. The Aces group is really building talented and well rounded players.