Player Programmes

At Caunton Aces we can offer your child a tailored programme to set them on the path to reaching their full potential. These programme will be individually tailored to the player and are planned with high levels of communication with the player and parents. We usually evaluate the programme with players and parents 3-4 times per year. 

As part of these programme we will:

  • Goal set

  • Plan a tournament schedule

  • Arrange for a coach to attend tournaments with the players 4-6 times per year. 

  • Provide players with a pre and post match routine 

  • Provide the player with an easy to follow but detail strenth and conditoning programme to do at home. 

  • Arrange and set up a hitting sessions with a top level player if required.

  • Arrange weekly sessions with a 1:1 coach

  • Plan a weekly prgramme of grouo training 

  • Initiate the players inclusion into County training if appropriate